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We offer top-tier lending support through every stage of the lending process to ensure smooth and quick closing. We value relationships and complete transparency. As an established local Dallas-Fort Worth lender, we have earned great relationships with many title companies and real estate brokerages throughout the metroplex and work diligently to make sure you close on time! We want you to feel confident knowing you are working with a dedicated, reliable lending partner who is invested in your success, so you can focus on what you do best! Let us take care of the rest!


BOSSE Lending is a private money lender, focused on real estate investment properties in Texas.

30+ Years in Business

In addition to lending, we are able to advise our clients on their investments throughout the process – acquisition, renovation and listing services.

Closing Speed

24-hour approvals. 48-hour closing. No delays in funding!

Flexible Underwriting

Our underwriting criteria allows investors to secure fast, reliable funding that other lenders can’t offer.

Competitive Terms

Our investment loans are offered at 12% interest, with NO hidden or junk fees.

Texas Based

Based in Dallas, BOSSE uses our local market knowledge to help our clients make smart investment decisions.

Hard Money vs. Private Money

Hard Money Loans

  • Good for real estate investors needing swift capital.
  • Loans are short-term, with real estate assets as collateral.
  • Quicker approval process than other loan types.
  • Higher rates and fees due to expedience.
  • Suitable for fix-and-flip investments or strategies like BRRRR.

Private Money Loans

  • Blend of conventional and hard money loans’ best features.
  • Faster processing than traditional banks.
  • Larger, more reliable capital pool than hard money lenders.
  • Offers real estate investor loans promptly and conveniently.
  • Ensures reliable loan closing, improved transparency, and consistent service.

Check out our Referral Programs

BOSSE is looking to partner with you! Become a BOSSE approved partner to take advantage of our compensation programs and make money on your referrals.

Your compensation is dependent on the specifics of the loan.

Meet The BOSSE Team

The BOSSE Team

Alexa Williams

Vice President

Maddie Ismail

Business Operations Manager

BOSSE Gives Back


BOSSE Lending is dedicated to supporting and giving back to the community. We allocate a portion of our profits to donate to charities and causes that speak to us.

Through working with BOSSE Lending, you are not only building your business, but helping us to give back!

New Shoes for the Whole School!
Dallas, Texas, February 2020

On February 8th, all 500 students at John Ireland Elementary in Dallas Texas got new athletic shoes and socks. The students came into the auditorium full of energy, excited to try on their new shoes. Ashley and her family were there to help distribute the shoes, giving out shoes, socks, high fives and lots of smiles. The children were overjoyed, getting a first glimpse of their new shoes. They even got some extra excitement with some confetti. “I wanted these for so long!” exclaimed one student. Principal Stephanie Amaya shared that a majority of John Ireland Elementary’s families are on the free or reduced lunch program. This new pair of shoes will truly inspire the kids to do better in school and shows them that their community truly cares about them and loves them. Visit page 25 of the Shoes that Fit Annual Report to learn how BOSSE Lending provided shoes for nearly 500 school children in need: See Here

John Ireland Elementary Dallas, TX

Give Back Like a BOSSE
Dallas, Texas, May 2019

BOSSE Lending partnered with Shoes that Fit in May 2019 to donate over 150 new sneakers to kids in need at a school in Dallas, Texas. Ashley Lubetkin shared: “I am excited to partner with Shoes That Fit for a second consecutive year, this time in my hometown of Dallas. My hope is that these shoes serve more than just their basic utility, and that the students of Barbara Jordan Elementary School recognize how truly valued and supported they are by the Dallas community.”

BOSSE Lending partnered with Shoes that Fit Dallas, TX