Mortgage Brokers

Bosse Lending is committed to providing brokers with the resources they need to succeed. 

Curious about becoming a partner with BOSSE Lending’s private hard money lenders? Join our network of approved brokers & borrowers to unlock the benefits of our user-friendly programs and earn from your referrals.

Broker Protection:

We understand the effort you’ve put into cultivating client relationships, and at BOSSE Lending, we value that. We ensure the safeguarding of broker fees through inclusion in the loan commitment letter and on the HUD settlement statement during the closing process.

Rapid Pre-Approvals:

Speed is our strength. We take pride in our ability to swiftly provide pre-approvals. Within just 24 hours, a typical deal can receive pre-approval, with closing often taking place within a week or two.

Direct Private Lending:

As a direct hard money lender, BOSSE Lending maintains full control of our funds, and all underwriting procedures are managed by our company’s partners.
BOSSE Lending’s broker referral program is designed to be straightforward, profitable, and beneficial to your clients. As a broker, your compensation is determined by your involvement in the deal and the specific loan details.

Partner with BOSSE Lending today! Join our hard money lender referral program as an approved BOSSE Lending Broker and earn commissions from your referrals.

BOSSE Lending is dedicated to adhering to ethical lending practices, assisting brokers in their path to success, and bridging the gap for borrowers. As a direct, wholesale lender specializing in hard money loans, our services are specifically designed for brokers or bankers who align with our vision. We value the role of every referral source and are thankful for your ongoing support. Feel free to call or email us to converse with one of our seasoned professionals today.