30 Year Rental Note

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30 Year Rental Note

Real estate and Housing industry mortgage plan and residential tax saving strategy
The best long-term financing option.
30 year rental notes are real estate investors’ go-to financing option to build their rental portfolios. As you may already know, they also require more paperwork and time than our short term lending options – but not to worry! Choosing BOSSE means a stress free lending experience! We promise to be transparent and help manage every stage of the loan process! Our goal is for you to feel confident knowing you are working with a dedicated, reliable investment partner who is invested in your success.

The 30 Year Rental Note is a specialized loan program offered by BOSSE Lending, tailored to long-term rental projects. This loan type requires a separate application process. For more information, application details, or any further assistance, please reach out to Alexa at alexa@bosselending.com

Loan Details:

  • 30 Year fixed interest loan term, rates starting at 7%
  • Minimum credit score of 680
  • No income verification or tax returns needed
  • Only 3 month seasoning period

Approval Requirements

  • A credit score of at least 680 is required.
  • A minimum of 10% liquidity is required.
  • Recent bankruptcies and foreclosures are not permitted.
  • Tax returns and employment verification are not required.
  • Only first liens will be accepted
  • Only investment properties are eligible for funding; owner-occupied properties are not considered.
  • Eligible property types include single-family homes, 2-4 unit properties, and townhomes; condominiums and manufactured homes are excluded.
  • Properties should be situated in suburban or major metropolitan areas in Dallas or Fort Worth.
  • Prior to closing, evidence of hazard or homeowner insurance for the loan’s duration is required.
  • BOSSE Lending reserves the right to alter loan criteria as needed.
  • All loans require an insurance policy for the loan’s duration. BOSSE Lending can assist in obtaining insurance. (Add a link to where we discuss our assistance with insurance).
    Insurance premiums must be paid in full during or before closing, with no exceptions.
  • If the borrower has a blanket policy, the insurance agent must provide evidence of insurance that includes the new property and proof of the blanket policy in force.
  • Replacement cost coverage is required.
  • The lender must be listed as a loss payee and additional insured.

Start a 30 Year Rental Loan with BOSSE

Build your portfolio and refinance your short-term loan with a BOSSE 30 Year Fixed Rate Rental Loan!  We guide you every step of the way to keep the process simple. 

Get Pre-Approved
NEW CLIENTS & CURRENT CLIENTS: To get pre-approved, fill out a BOSSE 30 Year application and we will then follow-up with a credit & background check. Download our 30 Year Checklist & Requirements!
Appraisal Order
Send BOSSE the remaining 'initial items needed' from the 30 Year Checklist, and once received, we will order the appraisal!
Client Approves Preliminary Terms
Once the appraisal is complete, BOSSE provides preliminary rates* to the client for approval. *Final rates and terms are locked once BOSSE has received all items from the checklist.
Rate Lock & Underwriting
Once BOSSE has received all checklist documents from the client, the rates and terms are locked for up to 14 days while underwriting is being completed.
Closing Day
Once underwriting is complete, loan documents are prepared, closing is scheduled and funding is sent to the client!
Loan Servicing
Monthly loan servicing for PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance) by a BOSSE trusted loan servicing partner for the life of the loan.
Continue Building Your Portfolio with BOSSE!
Enjoy your passive rental income, and add another rental property to your portfolio with the help of our dedicated team!

The BOSSE Difference

In real estate, opportunities pop up fast with BOSSE Lending, you can feel confident knowing you are working with a dedicated, reliable lending professional who is invested in your success.

“Alongside lending, we are equipped to guide our clients through the entire process – from home selection, renovation suggestions to market positioning and pricing strategies”.

30 Year Fixed Rate Investment Program

Your Future: 30-Year Fixed Rate Investment Program Guide

We provide personalized rental advising and local market insights, unique lending opportunities, and are fully committed to each loan we approve. Our lending process is managed in-house, providing us greater control over the underwriting procedure, thereby making it faster and hassle-free. With adaptable rates, no hidden charges, swift decisions and closings, BOSSE Lending delivers a reliable and efficient solution for renters seeking a 30 Year Rental Note.

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