Why should I get a hard money loan?

Hard money is a quick and easy way to finance your real estate investments and leverage your own cash. BOSSE's hard money loans cover up to 90% of the purchase price and rehab budget, to lessen the burden of typical real estate investments. We also offer a 12 month term, to give you plenty of time to renovate the property and sell it or refinance for a longer term with a conventional bank.


What are your rates and what do they cover? Are there any additional fees?

Our rates are simple:

  • 11% interest only monthly payments

  • 4% fee at closing that covers everything GUARANTEED (application, appraisal, legal, admin, draw fees, etc.)

  • There are NO other fees before, at or after closing! 


I found an investment property that I need a loan on. Now what?

Finding the right deal is the hardest part, so congratulations! 

1. Fill out an application and follow our document checklist to provide the correct backup documentation. We suggest printing our Document Checklist and following along until the deal is closed. Once we receive your application, we will be in contact with 24 hours. 

2. Once you are approved, we will work together to get the remaining documents needed together and close your loan. Yes, its that easy! We close most of our loans within 5 business days, but will work with your timeline! 

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