Building Long Term Wealth With BOSSE

As someone interested in real estate investment, you are looking to build long term wealth. But how do you get there? How do you increase your passive income through leverage?

BOSSE Lending can help.

You can find a wide variety of tips and advice online, some of which is credible and some of which is not. Here at BOSSE, we break it down into simple steps…

STEP 1: Assess your goals and current capital.

What are your goals? Are you looking for a fast, “get in, get out” model, where you focus on shorter term investments with a relatively quick ROI? Maybe you are looking to build a rental portfolio that delivers passive income over the coming years. Maybe even a mix of both? Identifying your goals from the start makes building a roadmap of how to achieve them much more straightforward.

As you begin determining how you will reach your goals, it is key to understand how much capital you currently have. At BOSSE, we believe that a borrower should have access to 25% of any full project cost in cash, allocated exclusively to real estate investing. This cash on hand usually is spent on down payments, closing costs and fees, interest payments, and holding repair costs.

Not sure what house price point to look at? Take the $$$ you want to allocate towards that project and multiply it by 4 to get an idea of what you can afford.

Need inspiration as you decide what your goals may be? Take a look at our BOSSE Success Strories for inspiration on what sorts of returns you can make on various investments.

STEP 3: Find Your Next Project

Now that you are ready to get moving, it is time to find your next project! The best way to do this is to make use of your networks and the expertise that is already there. Find yourself a great real estate agent, contractor and/or construction crew, and so on. Lean on them – you do not have to recreate the wheel!

When you find your next property, make sure to keep a few things in mind:

  1. You make your money when you buy your investment property. If you purchase a property worth $100,000 for $80,000, you just made $20,000 in equity.
  2. Don’t go looking for deals blindly. Your contractor, inspector and real estate agent are invaluable as you decide whether or not to purchase.
  3. Keep your goals in mind and know what you can accomplish within your budget.

Need inspiration? Click here to see how small changes can make a huge difference in ROI.

STEP 4: Build Your Rental Portfolio in the Meantime

This step depends entirely on your goals. Even if you are focused on short term projects, however, consider keeping these things in mind:

  1. What would your ideal rental property be?
  2. What does your ideal monthly rental income stream look like?

With long term rental properties, you pay off the property as you rent it out. Once it is paid off, that monthly rental income stream opens the door to more opportunities: you can take that income as pure profit or leverage that income for your next project. Contact us below to learn more!

STEP 5: Continuously Reassess

There is no one way to invest in real estate. Your plans may change as you move forward! Check in with your goals regularly to make sure you are still on the best path, and take advantage of your partners’ expertise. We are here for you!



Ashley’s decade of experience and passion for working with real estate investors to optimize their portfolios uniquely positions her to help clients reach their financial and lifetime goals. Ashley advises clients on investments throughout the acquisition, renovation, and listing services processes. She also offers in-person and online courses to investors with the goal of sharing her real estate and investment expertise and her best practices to optimize their investments in today’s marketplace. A native Texan, Ashley is a graduate of the University of Miami. She is very active in the community, notably with Ronald McDonald House and Shoes That Fit, a charity dedicated to helping school-age children living in poverty.

The BOSSE Difference

In real estate, opportunities pop up fast. With BOSSE Lending, you can feel confident knowing you are working with a dedicated, reliable investment partner who is invested in your success.

“In addition to lending, we are able to advise our clients on their investments throughout the process – acquisition, renovation and listing services”.

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Private Money 101, Fund Your Flips with BOSSE

We offer personalized investment advising and market insights, joint venture opportunities, and are personally invested in every loan we approve. Our private money lending is managed in-house, meaning we have more control over the underwriting process, making it faster and hassle-free. With flexible rates, zero junk fees, and quick decisions and closings, Bosse provides a reliable and efficient investment solution.

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